Calendula Pacific Beauty Doubles

A stunning mix of bright yellows and oranges make this a superb bedding variety – Max height approx. 50 cm


Sow the seeds either in April – May where they are to flower or Under glass in From March.
For Apr / May sowings sow the seed where they are to flower in drills approx. 10 mm deep.

Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. Germination should occur within 10 days.

If necessary, thin out to approx. 25cm spacing’s once the plants are large enough to handle.

For winter flowering plants sow in trays or pots at a depth of Appx 10mm

Keep the compost moist and when large enough to handle prick out and plant on into larger pots. Grow on in a cool greenhouse/Conservatory.

Thank you for helping us to plant half a million flower seeds to support pollinators.

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