Lavender Vera – Lavandula Angustifolia

An extremely fragrant variety of lavender with beautiful purple/blue flowers. The cut flowers are reported to help as an aid to sleep. It is very useful as an attractant of Bees


Sow the seeds in Trays of pots of a good quality moist seed compost and lightly cover
Ideally, place in a propagator but any warm place will do
Maintain a temp of 15 – 18 Deg C for 2 weeks
The seed will then require a period of cold for 3 – 6 weeks (a cool refrigerator is ideal)
The seeds should then be returned to 15 – 18 Deg C for a further 6 – 10 weeks – If germination has still not happened then the seed will require a further period of cooling Down (0 deg C is fine) for a further 3 – 6 weeks
During this time regularly check the seed for signs of germination, as soon as you spot germination return to 15 – 18 deg C and allow the plants to grow.
Once large enough to handle transplant into 3″ pots and grow on in a cool greenhouse/coldframe.
When ready to plant out space the plants approx. 12″ apart and in full sun.

Lavender is not hard to grow but the seed germinates erratically so allow time for germination (up to 90 days). To maintain a good crop of flowers, trim the plants annually – do not cut back to hard or new growth may not appear.

Thank you for helping us to plant half a million flower seeds to support pollinators.

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